Florence + the Machine

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  • um flobsessed_17 she lives in the uk south london campbell i think thats what it is called

    Posted by cforsyth on Wed 31 Aug, 2011

  • please flo come to ny we need you here!!! i only want one thing for my b day that is for you to come to the park across the street from me and sing your new album that has not come out for but that is to much to ask i mean how would you have time for someone like me : (

    Posted by cforsyth on Wed 31 Aug, 2011

  • i missed your b day so sorry the hurricane cut my power off. i feel ashamed i could not tell you happy b day on your special 25 b day!!! you only turn 25 once!(and of course i missed it) : (

    Posted by cforsyth on Wed 31 Aug, 2011

  • she is my IDOL i absolutelly love her!!!!!!!!!!! and as she would say i also love her "well oiled machine!" she is adorable

    Posted by cforsyth on Wed 31 Aug, 2011

  • flo started drinking at 14. i no it sounds crazy but she was going through a tough time. her parents were devorsed :( so sad i feel real bad for her any one who agrees say i!!!!!!!

    Posted by cforsyth on Wed 31 Aug, 2011

  • I love you my machine extraordinary .. My tumblr is Inforrthekill.tumblr.com

    Posted by dandarth on Wed 31 Aug, 2011

  • Hello Florence, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Your music is fantastic, your band is wonderful and You, your lyrics and voice are amazing. I'm so glad that you've reached this day with great success and a lot of achievements and much more yet to come. I'm from Mexico City and it would be awesome if you could come to show of your new album and Lungs someday. Hoping you have an excellent birthday. =)

    Posted by Arturo on Sun 28 Aug, 2011

  • Please come to the UK, Flo! Pleaasee! :)

    Posted by flobsessed_17 on Fri 26 Aug, 2011

  • flo i love you i am probably your biggest fan! please come to new york soon!! i have to meet you!!!!! : )

    Posted by cforsyth on Wed 24 Aug, 2011

  • Florence, you are so amazing. I love how all of you're songs either make me so happy i could burst or so sad that i just want to sit in my room for the rest of my life and sulk. you have an amazing voice and i love how you will go as far as you need to make people understand you. and i love that, i wish i was like that. i cant always find words for my feelings. and i wish everyone had a love for life, and everyone could just lose themselves in pure happiness and be more like you. ilove florence!

    Posted by Redtoeshoes on Tue 02 Aug, 2011

  • you are awesome

    Posted by flo123 on Mon 25 Jul, 2011

  • How can I find your US tour dates?

    Posted by cemeyers09 on Thu 21 Jul, 2011

  • Florence please come to Wisconsin again if you read these pretty please!

    Posted by Iluvflorencedani on Tue 19 Jul, 2011

  • You feel me.

    Posted by chudechen on Fri 08 Jul, 2011

  • if i had alot of money , i would buy all your stuff on your website.i swear to god i will.

    Posted by kilo10 on Sat 25 Jun, 2011

  • florence and the machine,i really love you and(cry)please come to springfield,illinois.

    Posted by kilo10 on Sat 25 Jun, 2011

  • all these pictures are wonderful.they show all the beautiful hardwork she does in her life.i hope she doesn't stop .if everybody hated her, even if she did the worst thing ever, i would still love!

    Posted by kilo10 on Sat 25 Jun, 2011

  • I love your work,I believe you are the only artist that plays music REAL music you are my idol i look up to you! PLEASE come to corpus christi,texas!!!!!!!!! PLEASE

    Posted by heartbeat777 on Thu 23 Jun, 2011

  • loveeeee s2

    Posted by untouchedgirl on Thu 16 Jun, 2011

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    Posted by hushnomore on Fri 03 Jun, 2011